A prayer for Claire

Heavenly Father,

A desire is to uphold to thou in prayer a woman called Claire Squires who died in a circumstance that was tragic, on Sunday the 22nd April 2012. A desire is that many will pray for her, and a desire is  that many will pray for her family, and a desire is that many will pray for her friends. We hope and we pray that through a number of prayers that uphold Claire Squires to thou will bring a comfort and  will bring a strength to all that loved her.

Heavenly Father, we uphold to thouself, Our Heavenly Father, all that hath been spake in thou name of thouself, Our Heavenly Father, and in thou name of thou Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, who together with thou Holy Spirit, reigns on most high, and is, and was, and always will be, the most supreme and the most absolute power, and being, who governs over all who are of thou world that we live in, now and always, for evermore.



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  1. daphnewilliams

    How sad that someone so young had to die in order to raise money for the Samaritans who do a wonderful job in supporting those who need their counsel. The donations by the public show how much regard for her actions is felt.

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